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主要产品: 青岛泰岳塑料制品有限公司是一家集研发生产销售服务于一体的塑料制品专业制造商,公司产品囊括了气泡膜。防静电气泡袋,邮政用气泡信封袋,泳池盖布,新型铝箔隔热材,拉伸膜,以及各种气泡膜系列产品并被广泛用于电子产品、食品包装、健身器材、高档工艺品等的包装。经过几年坚持不懈的努力,我公司现拥有稳定的原材料供应商和充足的人力资源。已通过ISO9001质量体系认证,产品均通过SGS检测,符合国际环保方面标准。产品出口日本、美国、欧洲、澳大利亚、香港、泰国、马来西亚、以色列和非洲、南美等一些国家,款式多样,泰岳塑料期待每 
公司简介: QINGDAO TAIYUE PLASTICS CO.,LTD. engages itself in research, development, production and marketing at the same time, offers a wide range of plastics packaging materials, such as bubble film, anti-static bubble bag, bubble envelope,swimming pool cover, building thermal bubble insulation material, stretch film and bubble film series products. They are widely used in export packaging for electronic products, foods, fitness facilities, high quality arts and crafts, insulation for construction, etc. After several years’ endeavor, we have a stable supply of the raw material and qualified human resources. We have passed the ISO9001 Quality System Certification, SGS and MSDS tesing, which entirly meet the international environmental standards. Now our products have gained good repuration in Japan, America, Europe, Australia, Thailand, Africa, South America and so on. Taiyue Plastics sincerely looks forward to welcoming customers from domestic and overseas to enquire about us and seek cooperation and establish business relation with them at any time. We cherish every customer and every opportunity for cooperation.
TAIYUE PLASTICS, our professional lies in focus! 
QINGDAO TAIYUE PLASTICS CO.,LTD. / 山东 / Danshan Industry Zone,Chengyang District (266000 ) / 电话:13884638867

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